Helping Hand


Our local sporting clubs are run on the blood, sweat and tears of volunteers.

The effort put in to running local clubs and maintaining facilities must be recognised with broad ranging and flexible grants. We will establish grants to help clubs and groups grow their sport activities and offering to the community.

The Canberra Liberals believe in supporting not just participants but the efforts of volunteers, parents, referees, coaches and the broader community to making local activities happen.

These grants will assist in areas such as youth involvement, coach development and supporting volunteers. This will make a big difference to grassroots sporting clubs across the ACT.


There is growing interest in our community for a broad range of recreational activities.

Walking groups, eSports, 4WD clubs, fishing, eight ball-whatever your interest, we recognise the benefits of being involved in recreation.

We will introduce specific grant programs to support recreation groups. Whatever the interest or level of activity, recreation pursuits provide invaluable avenues for members of our community in which to participate, communicate and socialise. An added advantage is that they help to eliminate social isolation and exclusion.


We want to involve the community in the conversations when it comes to investment in and the funding of sport and recreation.

We will treat the community with respect by involving them and keeping them informed about government processes.

Details of completed sports and recreation projects will be available via an online database to facilitate open communication and transparency. This will give high-level information about each project as well as critical timelines, such as commencement and completion dates.