There are many layers to sport and recreation that go beyond the competitors.

The Canberra Liberals see the benefit in growing behind-the-scenes and broader supportive aspects of sport and recreation. Critical areas include sports management, medical research, sports science and coaching. We will ensure that partnerships and other informal opportunities are enhanced to build capability, particularly from within the ACT.

Working with local education providers and elite clubs, we aim to incentivise opportunities for engagement with local sporting clubs and schools. We need to create pathways not just for athletes but for other key contributors in the sport and recreation fields to contribute, grow and learn.


The proposed changes to the function and form of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) present an opportunity.

The ACT can become a hub for sports innovation, science and research. Building not just on the capabilities within the AIS and Sport Australia, we also have the benefit of leading local tertiary institutions and an emerging sports sector.

We can look for ways to encourage this by enhancing on our reputation as a smart city and showcasing the advantages to the rest of Australia.


With their enthusiasm, energy and unique perspective on the world, our youth are always looking towards the future and can contribute significantly to sports and recreation development.

We want to harness that drive by conducting an annual ‘ideas’ event for young people to pitch their concepts for the future of sport. We want to host this event in conjunction with industry and elite sporting organizations so that these ideas can be evaluated. Our aim is to secure seed funding or support for these ideas to come to fruition.


Gaming is not just great fun, it is big business.

The world of competitive video gaming is a fast-growing phenomenon with millions of fans. Streaming services and live events have turned video gamers into serious stars. Equally, there are spectators clamouring to enjoy these events and sponsors keen to provide commercial support.

The innovation and opportunities available through a medium such as eSport, can align to tourism, industry development and increased participation targets. This has the potential to involve individuals who may not have considered they have a role in traditional sports.

When building future sporting infrastructure, we need to be mindful of how indoor sports centres and stadiums can incorporate eSport. We need to encourage this trend from the grassroots up, to take kids off the couch and get them playing eSports together in our community.