The Great Outdoors


For too long, Canberrans have suffered from a Government aversion to taking risks. We want to give things a go and to say ‘yes’ to fun events.

If the ACT can host events like the Birdman Rally, Ninja Warrior races, obstacle courses, fireworks, and mountain biking; the answer should always be a definitive ‘YES’. Rather than looking for the barriers or the reasons not to do something, we will adopt an approach to support more events to be held in the ACT.

We will focus on developing a sport and recreation tourism industry through a wider range of fun, outdoor community events. Working with sporting associations, tourism stakeholders and key user groups, we will seek to attract and retain these events for the Canberra community.


Automotive and motorsport clubs deserve recognition for the role they play in sport and recreation in ACT

Local motorsport clubs such as the Light Car Club of Canberra and the Brindabella Ranges 4WD Club teach valuable skills such as defensive driving, car maintenance and safety. They also offer a lot of fun and entertainment for all age ranges in the community.

Many vintage or collectable car clubs share their vehicles and expertise with the community, and these events also attract large numbers of spectators. 

To better support this broad sector, we will look at infrastructure needs, including 4WD tracks and event courses. 

We will also assess the potential for a dedicated motorsport precinct. By having a hub for motorsports, we can create a real sense of community and excitement. 

Whilst we acknowledge there are challenges, the Canberra Liberals believe these can be overcome with the right approach and planning. Instead of driving motorsport out of the ACT, we want to find ways to entice and keep clubs and events here.


Waterways can provide so much opportunity for fun and recreation.

Currently there are limitations to how residents can enjoy the wide variety of lakes and rivers in Canberra. The Canberra Liberals want to look for ways to increase water sport and recreation in the ACT.

These are legitimate sport and recreation pursuits that should actively be encouraged, not discouraged.

To achieve a more open and accessible waterways system, we will conduct an assessment of each body of water to see what is possible and suitable. We believe we can balance the interests of a wide range of stakeholders to untap the potential of our waterways.


Canberrans are very proud of the natural assets we possess in the ACT and the quality of our environment.

Many of us do not have the opportunity to take advantage of what we have on our own doorstep. The Canberra Liberals want to open up national parks and reserves for more recreation. This is not just for Canberrans, but also to promote the ACT as a destination to visit and explore.

This can improve opportunities for camping, bush walks, fishing, education centres, mountain bike trails and outdoor school programs. We look forward to the expansion of Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve and the development of its visitor facilities. This model could be replicated in other nature areas to increase the number of visitors and recreational activities for everyone to enjoy.